Organizational Systems Setup and Digital Declutter


Question: I need to know how to consolidate all our work stuff, reducing our multiple G suite accounts , goDaddy domains and gmail accounts into one simplified infrastructure for a new company and brand. I’m looking for digital minimalism and workflow simplicity and I’ve been considering Spark mail and Trello project management. Answer: I’m definitely a fan of digital minimalism...

Artist music upload via Squarespace website


Question: I need a developer to find a way to collect the following information through my Squarespace site: Artist Name (one line required response) Track Name (one line required response) What do you want this track to sound like? (short paragraph optional response) Stems upload (required .wav, .aiff or .mp3 upload with a limit of 24 files in total) The uploaded files need to be integrated with...

I need a custom CRM web app and database


Further question details We currently manage large customer and prospect lists in multiple Google Sheets and Excel. We want to migrate this into a cloud database. We do not current have a database setup, so we will need to create one based on an example customer list and handle migration of our lists into the database. We will need a web user interface to perform create/read/update/delete...

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