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Question: I need to know how to consolidate all our work stuff, reducing our multiple G suite accounts , goDaddy domains and gmail accounts into one simplified infrastructure for a new company and brand. I’m looking for digital minimalism and workflow simplicity and I’ve been considering Spark mail and Trello project management.

Answer: I’m definitely a fan of digital minimalism and workflow simplicity and see that you’re on the right track with wanting to use Spark and Trello. I’d recommend using either Spark, Front or Help Scout email and connecting together all your email accounts so you can respond from the one space.

Next step would be to consolidate your domain names into the one provider. I’d recommend Namecheap as they has a less cluttered interface than Godaddy, have cheaper services like SSL and won’t try to upsell you on every page.

If you’re looking into Trello then I’d assume you’re looking to manage projects that are coming through from your email. I’d recommend using Trello’s email-in feature to send emails into projects and save you time with data entry. There are plenty of simple options for project management but Trello is a great choice.

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