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Organizational Systems Setup and Digital Declutter


Question: I needย to know how to consolidate all our work stuff, reducing our multiple G suite accounts , goDaddy domains and gmail accounts into one simplified infrastructure for a new company and brand. I’m looking for digital minimalism and workflow simplicity and I’ve been considering Spark mail and Trello project management. Answer: I’m definitely a fan of digital minimalism...

What software can I use for automating our Operations department?


Further question details We are a growing accounting firm that is focused on providing our clients with the best bookkeeping and tax experience possible, we are paperless, tech-savvy and we think outside the box. We operate with a start-up mentality where we constantly adapt to our clients and move very quickly. We’d love to automate our Operations management, what are your suggestions? The...

Our team needs a shared inbox, what do we use?


There comes a stage in every business where they need to upgrade their email and ensure their whole team is using email as efficiently as possible. For some teams, it’s setting up a Gsuite account and getting personal emails for the team but for other teams, especially the ones that was instant transparency with their business email, they’ll look for a shared inbox solution. Running a...

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