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Question:ย I need a developer to find a way to collect the following information through my Squarespace site:

  • Artist Name (one line required response)
  • Track Name (one line required response)
  • What do you want this track to sound like? (short paragraph optional response)
  • Stems upload (required .wav, .aiff or .mp3 upload with a limit of 24 files in total)

The uploaded files need to be integrated with Google Drive and automated so they are stored in a folder named after the Artist Name and Track Name fields. The form will need to be branded with a banner and fonts/colours from our website which I will provide.


Answer: I’d recommend that you use Typeform to create a branded upload page (unless the upload files are very large) and then natively connect Google Drive for the file uploads. Alternatives could include emailing into Podio to create a new item that can be voted on, commented on and approved. You could also have the files sent through to Airtable or through to a Trello card or Pipedrive stage to be moved through a process.

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