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Organizational Systems Setup and Digital Declutter


Question: I need to know how to consolidate all our work stuff, reducing our multiple G suite accounts , goDaddy domains and gmail accounts into one simplified infrastructure for a new company and brand. I’m looking for digital minimalism and workflow simplicity and I’ve been considering Spark mail and Trello project management. Answer: I’m definitely a fan of digital minimalism...

Artist music upload via Squarespace website


Question: I need a developer to find a way to collect the following information through my Squarespace site: Artist Name (one line required response) Track Name (one line required response) What do you want this track to sound like? (short paragraph optional response) Stems upload (required .wav, .aiff or .mp3 upload with a limit of 24 files in total) The uploaded files need to be integrated with...

Building an ecommerce website without prices displayed


I recently had a client who wanted a website that displayed their products but didn’t want to display prices. They also wanted to show products with no shopping cart. There were a few options for how to do this and they were: Use the Portfolio feature within many WordPress themes to display the products as portfolio items with a masonry front page display Use the Woocommerce...

What software can I use for automating our Operations department?


Further question details We are a growing accounting firm that is focused on providing our clients with the best bookkeeping and tax experience possible, we are paperless, tech-savvy and we think outside the box. We operate with a start-up mentality where we constantly adapt to our clients and move very quickly. We’d love to automate our Operations management, what are your suggestions? The...

I need software so I can charge per minute for consulting


If you’re a consultant or online teacher looking for software so you can be paid for the time you spend on video or audio calls, we found a few apps to help. Some options for running paid meetings or sessions include: Acuity Scheduling – has the option to be paid upfront for Zoom calls Setmore – links up to Stripe for payments and you can include Zoom, Appear In or...

What’s the best modern recruitment agency software to use?


From our research, we found that the following were the best recruitment agency management software programs on the market: ​Recruit CRM (simple) – $25 per user per month Recruiterflow (best design) – $49 per user per month under the Agency plans Top Echelon (most features) – $65 for first user then $30 per user ongoing Vincere (comprehensive) – request pricing...

I need a database created for field inspections


Further details of question I’m thinking of creating a Microsoft Access Data Base to record site records for field inspections. Is this the best option? Each Field Site item with have: Location description Location details Provide for linking to site maps Allow for 100 sites Each site item will have: A drop down Description A drop down Condition A date of inspection GPS Location Allow for...

Our team needs a shared inbox, what do we use?


There comes a stage in every business where they need to upgrade their email and ensure their whole team is using email as efficiently as possible. For some teams, it’s setting up a Gsuite account and getting personal emails for the team but for other teams, especially the ones that was instant transparency with their business email, they’ll look for a shared inbox solution. Running a...

How do I make Sharetribe a membership platform?


Further details of question I am interested in customising my hosted Sharetribe marketplace, a platform using Ruby on rails.  Are you familiar with Sharetribe? If so, I’d like to make some small changes at this point such as a couple of landing pages (home page, subscription page) perhaps using Instapage integration.  I also need to incorporate money management with redirection to Chargebee...

What software do I need for a full website design & development job?


Further details of question I need to know what software I need for developing a site. I need the site to be able to allow users to subscribe to the newsletter, follow us on social media, share articles, download resources, purchase merchandise, contribute comments,  purchase ticketed events that include sponsorship and donations, target marketing, mentors and internship opps, have a self-managed...

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