How do I make Sharetribe a membership platform?

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I am interested in customising my hosted Sharetribe marketplace, a platform using Ruby on rails.  Are you familiar with Sharetribe? If so, I’d like to make some small changes at this point such as a couple of landing pages (home page, subscription page) perhaps using Instapage integration.  I also need to incorporate money management with redirection to for now. Is this the best way to make Sharetribe a pay per month platform rather than commission-based?

The landing pages will not be hosted together with sharetribe but on wordpress at this time using root domains for pages and subdomain for the sharetribe hosting site.

As for using the chargebee gateway, users will click on the “call to action button” on the landing pages, which would be linked to my business chargebee account ( ) to process credit cards etc.


It sounds like you’ve got a good idea of the general user flow for making Sharetribe a membership platform rather than a percentage per transaction model. The way to set this up in Sharetribe is as follows:

  • Create your “landing page website” using self-hosted WordPress or a website builder like Squarespace, Carrd or Weebly. This will be useful for your marketplace blog, home page (with links to Sharetribe categories), payment page (with payment processor embed code), FAQs and other content
  • Start a free trial of Sharetribe on your website sub-domain
  • Create a payment page using Chargebee, Moonclerk or Memberful where people can pay for membership, get credit card update requests etc. You could add this as an embed code or via a WordPress plugin
  • Set your marketplace so when people want to post an item or service, they need to be “approved by admin”. On the page that lets them know about needing to be approved, you can place a link to your payment page and instructions on how they need to become a member and pay a monthly amount to sign up
  • Once you get confirmation of their membership payment, you can login to the Sharetribe admin panel and approve them to list items or services

What software do I need for a full website design & development job?

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I need to know what software I need for developing a site.

I need the site to be able to allow users to subscribe to the newsletter, follow us on social media, share articles, download resources, purchase merchandise, contribute comments,  purchase ticketed events that include sponsorship and donations, target marketing, mentors and internship opps, have a self-managed business directory, shared drive/archives/document drive (Google Drive, Blackboard), accept donations, manage registration, create/export for name tags other personalized docs, send event reminders, maps, capture IP addresses, if a person visits website but tries to leave ask them not to leave; recognizes birthdays and sends personalized birthday, anniversary other special occasion acknowledgements, collect analytics (# of visitors, # of clicks, # of conversions to members from visitors, length of time on page, what content viewed, do they go to social media platforms from website and vice versa), brand search volume, events calendar.

I will also need a membership platform built into it for members and students. Membership Portal should be user-friendly and should have an electronic application with the capability to upload documents.

They should be able to Log in to self-manage their user profile.

There should be a way to generate a PDF list of members from the member directory with having to export a spreadsheet.

I will need a way for members to be able to Submit their events to the event calendar.
I also need a color-coded Event calendar for the three types of events posted.

I need automation for Automatic renewal for members and reminder for CC charging as well as automated Happy Anniversary / happy birthday emails.

I need Blog commenting capabilities and Automated surveys that go out after each event through Survey Monkey or any other survey plugin.

I currently use a Quickbooks integration to accept payments for commerce (Paypal and square backup).


Wow, you’re looking for the works! Some of the non-common website features that you’re needing are:

  • Purchase event tickets, get event reminders, self-submit events, post-event survey
  • Job opportunities
  • Self-managed business directory
  • Acknowledge birthdays/anniversaries
  • Membership platform with member payments

The only platform that I know of that gets close to meeting all these specs is Brilliant Directories. This allows members to create a listing, post events, post job opportunities, manage their own listing and pay for their membership. You might find some limitations around the events and birthday messaging side but you could use software like Ticketbase or Eventbrite as an add-on and then set up the post-event survey using a tool like Typeform. The birthday anniversary notifications could be linked up using mailing list software like Mailchimp, Drip, Convertkit or ActiveCampaign.

An alternative option could be setting up a Mighty Networks DIY social network and then using ticketing software for the events (linked to your email marketing software).

I need a custom CRM web app and database

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We currently manage large customer and prospect lists in multiple Google Sheets and Excel. We want to migrate this into a cloud database.

We do not current have a database setup, so we will need to create one based on an example customer list and handle migration of our lists into the database.

We will need a web user interface to perform create/read/update/delete operations on these contacts, as well as query them by such things as address and business type.

The solution should be cloud based so that we don’t need to have our own servers, preferably in Google Cloud or Amazon AWS.


There are quite a few options for you in migrating your Google Sheets and Excel sheets into an online database program.

I’d recommend that you look at Airtable, Coda, Podio and Trello.

For your multi-faceted search of the database, business categories & quick import of .csv or .xls files, you’ll find Podio a useful solution.